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Senior Brown Bag Program


How to apply?

  1. Fill out the application at Galilee-CDC or print the document below  and fill it out.

  2. Turn in the application to Galilee CDC via mail or in-person.

​Important Documents:

Senior Brown Bag Application


In 2015, Galilee CDC received a grant from the Capital Area Food Bank to initiate the Senior Brown Bag Program, with the goal of reducing hunger and malnutrition in senior citizens ages 55+.

National data for persons, age 65 to 75, show that a majority of senior citizens are not consuming even two thirds of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. This stems from a variety of reasons, such as lack of mobility, limited transportation, or limited financial resources.

Participants receive pre-bagged, non-perish- able items and at least one fresh produce item, on a monthly basis.

Brown Bag Program items are distributed between the hours of 12 noon and 2 pm on the third Wednesday of each month.  Food items received are not meant to meet all  nutritional needs of a senior for the entire month, but, rather serves as a supplement to their diets. 

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