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Galilee Community Development Corporation provides community service programs and activities for low to moderate income residents of Suitland, Maryland and the surrounding area. 

Striving Towards Adulthood Responsibility and Spirituality

S.T.A.R.S. is a 12 week program that includes classroom styles learning with speakers and activities, field trips and mentor opportunities for young woman ages 13-18 years of age.

dFree provides workshops that focus on financial freedom and debt reduction. 

A program implemented to provide free, clean, quality clothing to men, women, and children.  Clothing is made available two days per week at our base site or based on emergency need verification.  

Workforce enhancement services are designed to assist individuals in gaining meaningful employment.

A program provides assistance in developing and executing a business plan in order to  build a successful business.

A fitness center dedicated to encouraging the community to live healthy lives through fun movement classes, such as yoga, zumba and line dancing.

A mentoring program for males, ages 13-18.  Participants are provided personal guidance, leadership skill development, educational enhancement and life enrichment activities through field trips and community service.  

A social group for senior citizens ages 55+.  Participants are provided opportunities to interact with each other through life skill enhancement sessions, opportunities to participate in shopping trips, bingo, exercise sessions, field trips and other senior focus activities.

Food distribution to senior citizens ages 55+. All participants must complete an application process and meet current low income guidelines.


A support program for veterans, active duty personnel and their families. Veterans Support hosts workshops around post traumatic stress, veterans benefits, counseling and other needed services.

VITA offers FREE income tax preparation for persons earning less the $54,000 per year. Tax preparation staff are IRS trained, annually. 

The William H. Bennett Food Bank provides free food distribution on Tuesdays and Thursday. Participants must complete an application information form and meet low income guidelines. All food is dispensed by appointment only.

For more information on events and programs call 240.455.4208

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